About Barracuda

At Barracuda we are passionate about what we do. We are a team dedicated to working together and in bringing out the best in each other. Our inclusive approach brings our clients the best of our combined experiences, education, insight and ideas. We are always learning and pushing ourselves to be better - we are striving to achieve excellence. At Barracuda we are proud of our commitment to each other and to our clients. We believe in what we are doing and we trust that this collaborative approach will ensure we all thrive.


we TRUST in each other


we HONOUR our commitment to honest business practices


we RESPECT each other and our clients


we share our IDEAS and insight


We VALUE the relationships we develop


we believe in ETHICAL business practices

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Our Team

Let’s work smarter together! Our team of highly educated, qualified and experienced staff is here to get the job done in a safe, timely and cost effective manner. Drawing from over 60 years’ experience in Superintendent Roles alone Barracuda offers unparalleled experience and service.



With over 30 years in completions, abandonments, work overs, and production work, Darcy brings personal operational experience to the table that closes the gap from field personnel to Exploration and Production Engineers. Darcy's on call experience, superintendent experience and programming experience have allowed him to program and plan operations so all parties involved have a clear and focused understanding of the task at hand. With a down to earth, honest attitude, Darcy has gained the trust of the people he works with, and his open minded perspective to problem solving keeps the work moving forward and allows clients a safe and economical outcome. While ensuring Health and Safety requirements are adhered to Darcy has an impeccable safety record and he will settle for nothing less than the best results.



Dan is a Professional Engineer with over 25 years of drilling experience and is a member of APEGA. Most notably Dan has spent the last 18 years as a Senior Drilling Engineer. Dan’s experience ranges from drilling shallow gas wells to critical sour gas wells, and 50+ well horizontal multi-frac programs. Dan is skilled in all phases of drilling operations – he has extensive well design and project cost estimating experience backed by experience in field operations working as a well site supervisor and working for drilling service companies. Dan also possesses very strong government regulatory experience, extensive experience in H₂S assessments and surface land agreement coordination. Dan is committed to responsible well design, risk management and project cost accountability. Working diligently in the background Dan is the guy making sure procedures are followed and is meticulously tracking progress and results.

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