Our Services

Barracuda offers extensive experience with Drilling Engineering, Directional Drilling, Drilling Management, Multi Frac Horizontal Wells (500m – 6500m), and Sour Gas Drilling. We have a close working relationship with Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba Government Regulators. Barracuda’s vast experience throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin includes the following formations: Montney, Duvernay, Glauconite, Cardium, Ellerslie, Doig, Viking, Leduc and Sparky. Barracuda strives for excellence and looks for metrics to ensure continuous advancements, improvements and cost savings.


  • Cost estimates and AFE preparation
  • Logistics planning
  • Scouting, surveying and field data collection
  • Lease and road construction and maintenance
  • Reclamation and clean-up
  • Tendering and procurement of contract services
  • Construction wellsite supervision
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting


  • H2S assessment, EPZ calculations, ERP coordination and execution
  • Support surface land management
  • Well license applications
  • AER Directive 56 audit submissions
  • Offset well research
  • Wellbore design
  • Cost estimates and AFE preparation
  • Tendering and procurement of contract services
For more information contact Darcy McKibbin: mckibbin@Barracuda-Wellsite.com