Our Services

At Barracuda our mission is to provide top tier project management services in a safe, environmentally responsible and profitable manner for the long term benefit of our oil & gas clients. Whether your project is small or large scale Barracuda has the staff, resources and experience to successfully help you reach your goals. Committed to delivering exceptional customer service in an ethical and cost effective manner we are a full service provider. Our highly educated, qualified and experienced staff are here to exceed your expectations. Barracuda offers professional project management services you can trust:

  • Field consultants for construction, drilling and completions

  • Full site support

  • Coordinate wellsite supervisors

  • Supervision of projects on your terms

  • Meetings and support that fit your schedule

  • Program and cost estimate the proposed plan

  • Submit plan, cost estimate to client, make changes as required

  • Review approved program and approved vendors

  • Review client and Barracuda expectations

  • Coordinate work and planned execution date

  • Invoice tracking, coding and monitoring throughout the project

  • Government regulatory well records submissions (AER DDS, IRIS, BC OGC Submission)

  • Government regulatory audit submissions

  • Daily reports on activity, cost tracking and all safety related reports

  • Notify and inform client of progress on operations daily with phone call

  • Complete detailed well/field studies

  • Reporting can be provided by using our web-based system or by spreadsheet

  • Finalize the end project in PDF or hard copy

  • Follow up on any job as required

For more information contact Darcy McKibbin mckibbin@Barracuda-Wellsite.com